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welcome to Wuhu Ding heng Remanufacturing Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.!
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Wuhu Ding heng Remanufacturing Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Service hotline0553-8312681

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Address  : wuhu high and new technology industry development zone in the southern district of small and medium-sized enterprises pioneer park building 

Zip code : 241003 

Telephone: 0553 8312681 

Mobile   : (18109635618) mr. sun

About Us

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Conmpany Profile

     Ding heng remanufacturing industry in anhui institute of technology is made by Shanghai silicate institutes of Chinese academy of sciences, Suzhou by nanometer of Chinese academy of sciences,Anhui normal university,Anhui engineering university jointly established the focus of the research  institute, Institute is specialized in surface coating technology and related materials,Remanufacturing is special complete sets of equipment and remanufacturing productiontechnology research and development and achievements. With the green remanufacturing industry as the theme,With industrial development impetus as own duty,
    To become green remanufacturing area leading research institutions.Bachelor's degree or above in academy now has more than 30 people, researchers including a doctorate in 16, 9 senior titles, research the current technology can cover more than 80% of the domestic industrial products remanufacturing mature technology, the most used parts to restore the original life. Research goal is to build the domestic first-class remanufacturing industry chain research and development center, to provide technical support for the circular economy.