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welcome to Wuhu Ding heng Remanufacturing Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.!
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Wuhu Ding heng Remanufacturing Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Service hotline0553-8312681

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Address  : wuhu high and new technology industry development zone in the southern district of small and medium-sized enterprises pioneer park building 

Zip code : 241003 

Telephone: 0553 8312681 

Mobile   : (18109635618) mr. sun

Conmpany Profile

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  Wuhu ding he remanufacturing technology co., LTD., is the anhui provincial government introduced production unit of the Chinese academy of sciences, the specialty is engaged in the remanufacturing of surface coating technology research, development, and related materials in coatings formulation, technology, performance, structure, application and related research has made many original research. Especially nanometer coating technology, which is developed through innovation of the design and preparation methods, coating the latest nano technology applied to traditional thermal spraying technology, nano coating technology being developed creative, has the world leading level. 

  This project is to high performance nano coating technology used in green remanufacturing industry, for the damage caused by corrosion or wear and tear of artifacts to repair, prolong its service life, reduce cost and save resources. At present, the company is cooperation with chery automobile company, the research development of remanufacturing technology for auto parts moulds. In view of the current mold repair technology widespread coating performance is low, combined with the matrix is poor, easy happening mould thermal deformation, technical problems, such as short service life of repair after we apply the nano coating technology in mould again. Through innovation of patent technology, nano coating in the mold surface has uniform structure, the structure of the coating. Products with high surface hardness, high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance, easy mold release, molding products of high quality, long service life cycle, low operating cost, energy conservation, environmental protection and other excellent characteristics. After the examination, after using the technology to repair the mould, its wear resistance and corrosion resistance than the original imported products, extend the service life of mould for 3 to 5 times. The successful development of this technology can greatly improve the high-end auto parts in China with the situation of mould manufacturing and repair field totally dependent on imported, precision molds for the reinforcement and remanufacturing has very extensive application prospect. 

  Wuhu ding he owns, including academician, technical team, including doctoral degree, senior titles more than 11 people, the company with the United States at Washington state university and the Finnish national technology research center established a strategic cooperative relations. Our company is committed to solve enterprise technology problem, for the enterprise to reduce maintenance costs, improve product technology content, increase the added value, we are looking forward to win-win cooperation with you.