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welcome to Wuhu Ding heng Remanufacturing Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.!
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Wuhu Ding heng Remanufacturing Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.

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Address  : wuhu high and new technology industry development zone in the southern district of small and medium-sized enterprises pioneer park building 

Zip code : 241003 

Telephone: 0553 8312681 

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"Asian cup" contest of anhui science and technology innovation of young entrepreneur I the first prize in the manufacturing group company
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  On December 11, by the group provincial party committee, the provincial department, provincial people club hall, wuhu government hosted, pku, the municipal technology bureau, municipal NaLing people club bureau, the county government and other units to undertake the "Asian cup" of anhui science and technology innovation of young held a contest finals. Vice secretary of municipal party committee and mayor of pan from zhaohui, group provincial party committee, vice secretary of Li Guoyang, deputy commissioner of province people club hall bogle liu, standing committee of the municipal party committee, minister Xie Shengquan organized, the municipal government secretary-general Sun Yuejin to attend. 

  11 provinces, 239 colleges and universities, 519 entrepreneurial teams, wuhu ding he materials technology co., LTD. By cheng always lead the team the first prize in the manufacturing group with 88.1 points, and become a proud high-tech small and medium-sized enterprises and of the zoo. What is the biggest harvest this contest? Facing reporter's question, cheng said, "the biggest harvest is a clear business ideas, bigger and stronger, at the same time, the expert leadership put forward the Suggestions, to the enterprise has had a profound impact on the development of the same."