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welcome to Wuhu Ding heng Remanufacturing Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.!
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Wuhu Ding heng Remanufacturing Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.

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Beijing Mr Yu xin surface engineering technology co., LTD. Has become a country remanufacturing pilot unit
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  Recently, the national development and reform commission, the general office (change of ring hair [2013] no. 506) approved by Beijing Mr Yu xin repair of remanufacturing group Beijing Mr Yu xin surface engineering technology co., LTD., and other 28 units of remanufacturing pilot implementation plan, and determine to manufacture for the second batch of pilot units. For carrying out the party's eighteen big proposed the strategic requirements of the construction of ecological civilization, promote the development of circular economy, realize the remanufacturing industry scale, standardized development, according to the general office of the national development and reform commission about the second batch of pilot remanufacturing primary list notice (change of do loop hair [2012] no. 2009), Mr Yu xin company will combine the actual planning and development, pays special attention to the plan to organize the implementation, to ensure effect of pilot work; In the implementation of the pilot work organization leadership, strengthen the responsibility, establishing and perfecting the remanufacturing pilot work organization and management system; Advantage, highlight its own characteristics, increase the intensity of technical transformation, accelerate the construction of mechanical parts remanufacturing system, enhance the level of remanufacturing management. 

  On February 27, 2013, Beijing Mr Yu xin surface engineering technology co., LTD., was named the country the second batch of remanufacturing pilot unit. Marked the remanufacturing pilot enterprises and product management, gradually normalized and the steps.