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Country steadily push forward "to old change again" policy
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  Recently, good news about auto parts remanufacturing: on August 26, the national development and reform commission, ministry of finance, the ministry of industry and information technology, the ministry of commerce and general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and other five ministries "remanufacturing product" to old change again "pilot scheme", start the remanufacturing pilot work, "to old change again" will remanufacture engine, transmission, and other products listed as pilot products. On September 16, by the China council for the promotion of international trade and a number of units in the auto industry branch of auto parts remanufacturing in the "Beijing - Tibet line", through the actual road test, test parts remanufacturing product quality; On October 14, on the 4th international BBS heavy commercial vehicles, mechanical products remanufacturing national engineering research center of remanufacturing technology institute, zhen-feng hu said the country is developing the specific standard of remanufacturing products, auto parts remanufacturing standards are also speed up the draft. 

  The remanufacturing product "to old change again" pilot scheme "requirement, in 2013 for remanufacturing product such as automobile engine, gearbox, according to the condition of implementing gradually expanding the scope of the pilot in the future. To comply with the requirements for "to old change to" promote the remanufacturing product, the central government in accordance with its promotion of replacement price (remanufacturing product sales prices to deduct a recycling old) of a certain proportion of one-time subsidies for remanufacturing product buyers. 

  The remanufacturing product "to old change again" pilot scheme ", points out that to satisfy the conditions for "to old change to" promote the remanufacturing product, the central government according to the certain proportion of its promotion of replacement price, through the pilot enterprises to "to old change again" one-time subsidies for remanufacturing product buyers, the specific proportion of subsidies, subsidies limit and promote subsidies amount "to old change to" promote enterprise qualification public solicitation statement. The central government subsidies for each type of remanufacturing product in principle no more than five years. 

  It is understood that although the auto parts remanufacturing in China started late, but the work obtained the national related ministries and commissions; Have expert academician to provide theoretical and technical support, such as Chinese academy of engineering bin-shi xu remanufacturing surface repair technology, etc.; Provide industry data and industry associations, industry research, industry standards and remanufacturing logo, etc., such as joint China automotive technology research center of China association of automobile manufacturers have made the strict technical specifications, etc.