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The development of internal combustion engine remanufacturing industry in China
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  on October 9, 2011, by China internal combustion engine industry association and jointly hosted equipment remanufacturing technology of national defense science and technology key laboratory of "internal combustion engine remanufacturing industry development forum" was held in Beijing. Ministry of energy conservation division division, deputy director of the Wang Xiaoyang, China automobile industry association, deputy director of expert committee of taking an equal respectively introduces the auto parts remanufacturing pilot work experience and the remanufacturing industry policy. 


  14 March 2008 countries in the remanufacturing of automobile and parts companies since the pilot work, the auto parts remanufacturing work in the related standards, technologies and processes, relevant policy formulation, promotion, and other aspects of achievements have been obtained. Departments successively established 11 kind of mandatory and voluntary to manufacturing and remanufacturing product standards, pilot enterprises the basic understanding and mastery of the remanufacturing in different degrees of technology and craft, such as the remanufacturing design and evaluation technology, remanufacturing disassembling technology process, remanufacturing cleaning technology and process, surface process technology and process of remanufacturing and manufacturing testing technology and intelligent remanufacturing technology, such as auto parts remanufacturing enterprise qualification management and research and development, product market research, pilot "twelfth five-year" development planning study, acceptance criteria and procedures such as a number of research also started. According to incomplete statistics, by the 2010 auto parts remanufacturing pilot enterprises have formed 120000 remanufacture engine, 30000 sets of 400000 sets of remanufacturing transmission and remanufacturing generators, starter production capacity. 


  Information from China internal combustion engine industry association shows that, compared with making new remanufacturing product quality and performance of not less than the prototype, but can save cost, energy saving, material saving 60% 50% to 60%, and almost do not produce solid waste, air pollutants emissions can reduce more than 80%, is to make full use of resources, protect the ecological environment, circular economy, a senior form of "reuse". 



  Wang Xiaoyang said, in his recent some related international conferences and business negotiation with the foreign related departments, some of the major European and American countries have mature technology to promote the development of remanufacturing and energy saving and new energy vehicles on the equally important position. He said that the ministry of domestic automobile and parts enterprises to actively support was the attitude of the remanufacturing industry, and from the industrial development strategy, industry planning, industrial policy, technical regulations, industry standards, actively carry out relevant work, promote the healthy and orderly development. 


  For the development of remanufacturing industry, internal combustion engine industry Wang Xiaoyang think its achievements in recent years is obvious to all. He stressed that the internal combustion engine - that is, the industry has formed a consensus both want to benefit from the incremental, innovation, continuous research and development of new technologies, new products, expand market share; Also want the benefit from the stock, fully mining product market ownership advantages, innovative business model, enhance the control ability, the stock market to develop waste combustion engine remanufacturing, recycling, improve service levels. 


  Wang Xiaoyang disclosed that the ministry has entrusted China internal combustion engine industry association of the internal combustion engine remanufacturing scheme of research, and will be negotiated with the discussion, hope to supplement from client or supplement from the production side, with tax breaks through policy breakthrough, let in the manufacture, his people to do good things enterprise benefit.