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The improvement of the remanufacturing industry related policy
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  Development and reform commission (NDRC) formulated the "circular economy promotion project in 2015, plans to carry out the remanufacturing product 2015 pilot," to old change again "at the appropriate time for expanding the scope of the pilot. 

  Plan, the national development and reform commission, ministry of finance, the ministry of industry and information technology, the ministry of commerce, quality supervision, inspection and quarantine leading implementation "to old change again" pilot. Remanufacturing product in 2015 "to old change again" pilot, timely for expanding the scope of the pilot. Enable "to old change again" management information system, the purchase of remanufacturing product and return the old consumer subsidies. 

  National development and reform commission, ministry of industry and information technology, responsible for deepening the remanufacturing pilot demonstration. For some auto parts, mechanical and electrical products, and to confirm to the pilot remanufacturing services, continue to push forward all kinds of remanufacturing pilot, accelerate the construction of remanufacturing industry demonstration base. Encourage waste tires refurbished. Strengthen the oil, mining, railway, office equipment and other fields remanufacturing technology and product application. Again to speed up the implementation of high-end manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and remanufacturing in service again. 

  National development and reform commission, ministry of industry and information technology, the ministry of commerce, ministry of environmental protection, the general administration of customs, quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, circ research improve the remanufacturing industry policy. Study and formulate opinions, to promote the development of remanufacturing industry to carry out the insurance field support policy mechanism of remanufacturing product promotion. Copy the promotion of free trade zone in Shanghai global maintenance experience and methods, to explore some cultivars were carried out to make parts imports. To further improve the remanufacturing industry management system and standard system. 

  Industry experts believe that as the change of concept of consumers, as well as the state encourages and guides and further perfecting supporting policies, and manufacturing accounts for a larger share in the field of manufacturing in China. Remanufacturing in a-share stocks green beauty, rich rhett outfit, etc., the late is worth focusing on.